We are excited to announce a 10 day seminar retreat in Greece with David Verdesi


David Verdesi will induce a very powerful experience to the people of the group with the aim to kickstart an internal process of questioning and true doubt that eventually leads to the generation of direct Insight or direct Knowledge of one's self. The mental space that David Verdesi will open, will allow the participants to explore their mind and break through the boundaries of their perception and delusion of the true nature of Reality and Mind.

Why a long 10 day retreat?

In small non-retreat seminars, the participants have to try harder to open the mental space of self-enquiry and generate real transformation; people run to work, they have daily concerns (family, work, kids, etc etc) and they are trying in between all of that to focus on practise and to move out of all these attachments of the I, in order to expand their awareness.

But in a retreat setting, the mental state is completely different. You have 10 days to really let go of all those attachments, to really create the mental space, and to abide in that mental space. Then something extremely interesting happens. The mental transformation is very powerful when you can abide in the clear knowledge of your Self which is free from all those little attachments. The longer you can abide without interruption the faster the mental transformation is.

Furthermore in non-retreat seminars, the participant will go to class have a 1-2 hour powerful experience, and then run back to work, family, daily life-problems etc, where the consensus is different. This is a “forceful” contraction back to the very I that you want to change, and doesn’t allow you to have enough time to stay in that open state and observe the changes or enough time to reflect on what is happening within the experience of the seminar setting and the consensus of the group which is trying to break-free from the daily life problems and mental clutter.

It’s all about critical mass, and a retreat setting, is the perfect setup to give you the mental space and supportive consensus in order to reach critical mass and perform a leap in your mental transformation.

So let’s get down to the important stuff.

DATES17-26 July [this is more than 2 months away so hopefully anyone interested will have enough time to plan with work, family, boyfriends/girlfriends, dogs, cats, and any other attachments of yours 😛 ]
When you look at the calendar you will notice that the 17th is Friday, and the period spans two weekends, which means that (for most people) you will have to take a maximum of 6-7working days off from work.

DETAILS: This is officially a 10day seminar, the 17th will probably be introduction day, and full on lectures/practise will start on 18th and finish on 26th-Sunday. This means that anyone who is interested will most likely have to fly to Athens-Greece on the 16th at night and stay at a hotel (i can propose places to stay in that case) or 17th-Friday in the morning. Around noon on Friday 17th the plan is that we will drive to the location of the seminar. The location will combine a mountain (forest) setting and a short walk to the nearest beach.

For more information send us an email using the Contact Form or send directly an email to bookings@mindofliberation.com