Is there really something missing in the world ?

Whatever we do, wherever we are, there is people around us in distress, in a perceived state of suffering, unfulfillment, unhappiness... Why?

In most people's minds there is always something wrong with the world, something wrong with my friends, something wrong with my job, something wrong with my family, something wrong with others...

In most people's minds there is always something missing with the world, something missing in my friends, something missing in my job, something missing in my family, something missing in others...

But who is experiencing the distress, who is experiencing suffering, who is experiencing unfulfillment, who is experiencing unhappiness?
In who's mind is there distress, suffering, unfulfillment, unhappiness?

It's always YOU experiencing it, it's always in YOUR mind...

"When you are offended at any man's fault,
turn to yourself and study your own failings.

Then you will forget your anger."

So, is there really anything wrong with the world? Is there really anything missing in the world?

Think about it...

"Something wrong with the world" is only a judgement, a labelling, that the Mind's how the Mind is able to relate to the experience of the world. If the Mind is unable to integrate well with that experience then there is a perceived stress factor, which yields unfulfillment and the feeling that there is "something wrong". So far, so good. The Mind is working well, it is understanding that there is something wrong in the connection between it's internal state and the external state of reality.

But then comes the problem. When one is unable to properly attribute that the problem lies in the connection, when one fails to realise that the inherent stress lies internally in the integration of our internal state, then starts a very dangerous cognitive error. People start to believe that there is inherently a faculty of reality that is "right" or "wrong", they start to believe that there are objective states of the world where "something is missing" or "nothing is missing". This is one of the greatest delusions, and lies at the core of every experience of distress, suffering, unfulfillment, unhappiness.

So again, is there really anything wrong with the world? Is there really anything missing in the world?

No! The statement "something wrong with the world" is deluded, because it attributes an inherent faculty to something that has no such faculty. The world is as is. The problem is always in our deluded minds.

Furthermore the world is a manifestation, a representation of our collective minds. So our mental delusion propagates to other layers of our being, eventually reaching the physical gross plane of perception.

It is very liberating when this realisation hits you at your core! There is no wrong or "missing" with the world. The distress is because of improper integration between the internal and external state.

So next time you feel distress, next time you feel like the whole world wants to eat you alive, next time you feel that everything is wrong around you, next time you feel like something is missing... next time ask yourself...

Ask yourself... Who feels distress, who feels like something is missing? In who's Mind is there distress or "something missing in the world" to be found?