A lot of people that have never attended one of David Verdesi's seminars or teachings before, often times ask; meaning_of_life_17632451

What is the seminar about? What will he teach? What is the purpose of his teachings? How will the practise happen? How will it be like?

These are legitimate questions, and curiosity is part of human nature, so i will try and answer some of these questions in this post.

To start off, let's get clear that the purpose of David Verdesi's teaching is Self-Knowledge.

All of us, all living beings - not just humans, are like icebergs. And just like icebergs, only a tip of our being is protruding out from the deep unknown "waters", which is our subconscious, unconscious and yet other states of existence that modern science and psychology are now starting to explore. Close to 99% of people are only conscious of that little tip of their iceberg, and in fact for the vast majority of people the tip which is "outside of the water" is no more than 10%. The rest remains unconscious, hidden from our sight, and as such our life is dictated by our subconscious and unconscious behaviours, views, thoughts, actions, choices.

Then it is no wonder that people often ask; Why did this thing happen to me? Why don't other people understand me? Why can i not succeed? Why do i feel frustrated all the time? Why am i unfulfilled?
The state of our unconsciousness and our ability or inability to see who we really are (and thus become aware of the causes and conditions of the arising of our existence as well as the current state of our being), dictates our ignorance of our very life, of what is it we do, and our overall fulfilment in life.

David Verdesi is teaching methods to change all of that and cease that core ignorance, that deep-rooted unconsciousness; to start becoming aware of who you are as well as who you are not.
This comes with a great power...Power to not be afflicted by concepts and their binding effect in your life, to understand truly, to comprehend, to have direct knowledge into the nature of the Mind and into the nature of Reality, to Love, to be at Peace (even in the midst of War), to be Free of Ignorance and Delusion, to have Compassion for all living beings...

The tools that are being used are primarily split into 4 categories, respectively The Word, Vision, Self-Enquiry, Breath.
Of course they always exist together as One, if you look at Reality from this model of description; or you could say that they don't exist at all when you look at Reality from yet a different model of description.
But anyway, these are just concepts again, and they are not meant to be used as "This is the Truth, and everything else is not", but rather as skilful means which are meant to induce the experience of THAT (whether you call it God, Love, Peace, Allah, or whatever) and the generation of Insight and direct knowledge when you recognise it as part of yourself and embedded to the core of your very existence.

These are the tools of Self-Knowledge as appeared to David Verdesi through the realisation of his own Mind, and we believe that they are very suitable for the frame of mind of a modern person, that has had enough of hocus-pocus spiritual delusions without true experience and understanding, but who is still looking for the experience of becoming Aware & Conscious (or we could express it as contact with the divine, Love, God, Self, Atman, Buddha or anything else that suits our frame of mind). This gives one the ability to start to be truly conscious of his iceberg and to shed the layers of Ignorance which are naturally bound to the layers of the identity that we have built for ourselves.

"Ok, i get it... Interesting! And what tool will we use at the seminar?"

David Verdesi and MindOfLiberation we believe that to pre-define in an absolute manner which tool is to be used at a seminar, goes against the very nature of the teachings of David Verdesi, and the effort to break the illusion that there is such a thing as independent arising. Just like nothing in life is absolute, and everything is co-dependently originated, co-dependently existing and co-dependently dissolved, it is the same with the skilful means that a Teacher decides to use in order to portray the core of the Teachings.

A true Teacher is a Great Fool, one that puts up a great show and is able to use whatever tools and examples lie in His/Her proximity to convey meaning. Once the meaning has been found and realised in the student's mind and heart, all concepts become redundant. Concepts are only useful prior to true realisation and understanding in order to convey meaning to our own very selves and translate it into the language of our mind.

Concepts are
"The thorn that takes out the thorn" ~Ramana Maharshi

Typically the tool chosen to be used at the seminar is dependently arising with the formation of the group that will participate in the seminar/lecture, as well as the conditions of the coming together of the group and what problems and concerns they bring with them when they arrive. In that way, the Teachings can remain pure and transmitted naturally as a response to the needs of the group.

"Ok cool, makes sense... What does the practise involve in each tool/section of Self-Knowledge?"

David Verdesi and MindOfLiberation we believe that the act of Self-Knowledge is like a magic trick. Just like when you watch a magician perform his art, the trick creates a sense of awe and amazement only when you are unaware of what exactly is happening.
This is especially important in the beginning of your journey into Self-Knowledge, because the sense of alertness and child-like playful feeling is essential to the generation of the Great Doubt; Is this Real? What is This? Who am I? What is this I? What is the nature of Mind and the nature of Reality and all phenomena?

We prefer to convey as little concepts as possible, because in the end direct experience is what gives direct Knowledge.

"Are you asking me to take a leap of faith? To come to a seminar without knowing exactly what we will do?"

Pretty much, yes. Self-knowledge is not a path for everyone. It's a path for the brave, for the ones ready to jump into the Void, into the depth of their existence, and explore what lies beneath. Sometimes you find your demons, your monsters, but also your angels and your protectors. For in the end they are the same, the only thing that changes is your point of perception.

If you are ready, join us!

Break the wall that separates you from me.
This is an offer to all of you.
Jump! I'm right here in front of you!
~David Verdesi